DJ TAPOUT (Raymond Bell, aka The Beat Manipulator), originally from Memphis, TN has been setting the Mid-South club scene on fire for the  past 16 years. Now in Knoxville, TN This certi-fied party rocker specializes in moving the Dancefloor at Memphis and Knoxville\’s hottest clubs and special events. DJ Tapout is not only known for  rocking dancefloors with a blazing hot audio set, but as also one of the top  Video DJs on the scene today. DJ Tapout’s musical style is as varied  as the fickle tastes of the Mid-South partygoers. Weav-ing seamless mix,  incorporating genres such as Hip-Hop, Top 40, Rock, 80’s, Classic House,  Electro House & Baltimore Club sounds,… DJ Tapout is sure to keep the party moving.